Veterinary Services

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Providing the Highest Quality Veterinary Services

We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service and providing the highest quality veterinary services to our clients in Coronado. 

●     Surgical

●     Dentistry

●     Digital X-Ray

●     Ultrasound  

●     Wellness care

Wellness Exams

Semi-annual preventive care exams are the best way to catch illness early and have the best possible outcome. This is especially important for pets since they cannot tell us when something does not feel right and instinctually hide their symptoms. These visits include a comprehensive physical exam, a discussion of lifestyle risks (feeding, environmental, breed specific), and recommendations tailored to your individual pet’s needs. 

Vet examines australian sheperd
Poodle toothbrush


Dental disease is the most common problem diagnosed in pets and is completely preventable. Untreated disease causes pain, tooth loss, infection, bad breath, and increased risk for damage to internal organs.

We evaluate your pet’s teeth and oral health at every visit. There are several home hygiene options we can recommend to keep you and your pet happy. When needed, we offer comprehensive oral health and treatment services including:

●       Dental radiographs to examine tooth roots below the gum line

●       Extractions

●       Bone grafting

●       Periodontal pocketing and root planning intervention


Purple Paws Pet Clinic offers a state-of-the-art surgical suite and perform a variety of surgical procedures:

●       Spay (ovariohysterectomy)

●       Neuter (castration)

●       Ear hematoma repair

●       Mass removal

●       Limb amputation

●       Intestinal surgery to obtain biopsies or remove foreign material

●       Laceration and bite wound repair

●       Bladder stone removal (cystotomy)

●       Spleen removal (splenectomy)

●       Exploratory abdominal surgery with organ biopsy

All surgery and anesthetic patients have risk-based blood work performed in advance to evaluate organ function and minimize risk. Patients have continuous monitoring with vital sign monitors and experienced nursing staff throughout their procedures and recovery.

Cat Surgery Preperation
Dog glasses stethscope


We maintain a well-stocked in-house pharmacy for your convenience.  Having medications available right away means we can show you how to administer the first dose during your visit and have your pet feeling better sooner.  For refills, we have an online pharmacy where medications and therapeutic diets can ship directly to your home within a few days.  Because our online pharmacy does not source from unreliable third-party channels as many do, you can be confident in the quality and safe handling of the products.