Benefits of Professional Pet Boarding


So, you need to arrange for someone to look after your pet while you go away for a few days. Who do you choose? Asking a friend or family member may seem like the least expensive option, but actually, putting such a degree of responsibility onto someone who isn’t professionally trained and who may find it tricky to say no, isn’t always the best option for your precious pet. Fortunately, there are professional pet boarding facilities that have experienced staff, exceptional facilities, and the skill and compassion needed to offer your pet a home away from home while you are apart.


Want to know more? Here are some of the main benefits of professional boarding. 


Peace of Mind That Your Pet is in Professional Hands


Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest benefits of professional boarding is the reassurance and peace of mind that your pet will be in safe hands. Looking after a pet is a huge responsibility and one that many people may not be keen to take on, particularly if they don’t have very much experience in taking care of animals. When you opt for a professional service, you can rest assured there will be properly trained and experienced staff who have your pet’s best interest at heart. 


Your Pet Will Be Fed Properly and Get Regular Exercise


All pets need a healthy, balanced diet to keep them in optimal condition. When you ask a friend/family member to feed your pet when you are away, you can’t be sure that they will only feed them what you ask, or that they will encourage them to eat enough each day.  Professional boarding services will feed your pet a pre-agreed diet and will make sure that they don’t go hungry. They will also be sure to feed them at set times each day which is important since, in an unfamiliar location, your pet will also appreciate having a set routine for mealtimes. 


In addition to getting the right nutrition, your pet will need to get the appropriate amount of exercise each day. This is just as important for mental stimulation as it is for their health and overall wellbeing. Asking friends/family to take time out of their busy schedule to exercise your pet can feel like an inconvenience. Fortunately, professional boarding services automatically incorporate activity time into your pet’s daily routine.


You’ll Know Your Pet Will Be Safe


Professional boarding facilities are designed to keep your pet safe and secure at all times. You don’t have to worry about strangers having access, or other unwanted animals coming into contact with your creature. As such, you shouldn’t have to worry about them escaping, becoming lost, being stolen, or being hurt. Instead, your pet will be returned to you exactly as you left them. 


On-Call Veterinary Care


Just like us, animals can become unwell at any time. Should your pet become sick while they are boarding, you can rest assured that they will be able to access the veterinary care that they need in your absence. Most boarding services have a relationship with a veterinarian that they use should an animal become sick. If your pet currently takes medication, you will also get the peace of mind that your pet will be with a team of trained professionals who can successfully administer them. 


Optional Extras


Many pet boarding facilities go above and beyond basic care. In fact, there is often a range of additional services that you can opt into should you wish. For example, training, socialization or agility classes, or grooming. Be sure to check out what additional services are available when you book your pet’s stay. 



For more information about the benefits of professional pet boarding, don’t hesitate to contact our pet clinic in Coronado, CA today.


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