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Importance of Routine Pet Wellness Exams

All pets should attend routine pet wellness exams, regardless of their age. Your vet will be happy to advise you of the frequency at which these visits should take place, and which will depend on individual factors relating to your pet. However, most pets are recommended to visit for routine exams every six months.

Consequences of Poor Dental Health in Pets

When was the last time you looked inside your pet’s mouth or thought about brushing their teeth? Despite our pet’s oral wellbeing being just as important as our own, dental health remains one of the most overlooked aspects of all pet care. As a result, experts estimate that as many as 80% of domestic animals have moderate to severe dental health issues that could be avoided with the right dental care. Here’s what you need to know about the key consequences of poor dental health in pets and what you can do to avoid these issues and keep your animal’s teeth in the best possible condition.

Benefits of Professional Pet Boarding

So, you need to arrange for someone to look after your pet while you go away for a few days. Who do you choose? Asking a friend or family member may seem like the least expensive option, but actually, putting such a degree of responsibility onto someone who isn’t professionally trained and who may find it tricky to say no, isn’t always the best option for your precious pet. Fortunately, there are professional pet boarding facilities that have experienced staff, exceptional facilities, and the skill and compassion needed to offer your pet a home away from home while you are apart.

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